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it's my turn to be brave

perspective is everything

butterfly collector
10 October 1983
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the girl:

laura, 27.

let's get random:

*english isn't my first language, but sometimes i forget the spanish way to say something and find that it's easier to say it in english, it's weird.
*i'm very short. as of 150cm.
*i'm still studying.
*i love travelling way too much.
*favourite cities: barcelona, london, madrid, paris, boston, new york city... though not in that order (barcelona is #1, though).
*i wear glasses. can't wear contacts.
*i use lots of black eye liner.
*i apply too much blush 99% of the time.
*i'm addicted to lip gloss/balm, seriously, after all these years i think my lips have become addicted to it and now they get dehydrated without it.
*i love tomato and cherries (not together, that'd be gross... although, who knows?).
*i have been using 'happy' by clinique as my perfume for 5 years now.
*i have a tattoo on my right foot, which ended up giving me an allergic reaction to coloured ink and i'm still recovering. lyrics: from the tori amos song 'sister janet'.
*i love grocery stores. make it even better, foreign grocery stores, i could spend AGES looking at all the pretty shelves, in awe.
*nobody can ever tell where i'm from, most people think i'm english (i guess people think you can't be pale and spanish at the same time, lol). while in england, people have asked if i'm polish, dutch, swedish, german and italian. while in paris, people thought i was either english or italian (but some people guessed right and started speaking spanish all of a sudden :o). this is always being brought up, i'm used to it. my friends call me "guiri", which is the spanish (slang) way of calling someone a foreigner.
*tv shows i love: grey's anatomy, pushing daisies, heroes, weeds, private practice, veronica mars, buffy the vampire slayer, dexter, how i met your mother, one tree hill, modern family, the big bang theory, friends, 30 rock, gossip girl & wonderfalls.
*bands/singers i've seen live: nika (so many times i can't even count), idina menzel (5 times), garbage (2 times), the cardigans (2 times), the spice girls (2 times, with a 10 year gap between these two shows), chris mann (2 times, as opening act for idina menzel), travis, tori amos, sheryl crow, HIM, scissor sisters, shakira, new order, lily allen, the long blondes, the chemical brothers, keane, daft punk, natasha bedingfield, fatboy slim, pj harvey and i'm sure i'm forgetting a few.


I maintain sylvia_plath.

I don"t wanna miss a thing

Thank you, instincts for my Idina Menzel mood theme!
afterlife, aimee mann, alanis morissette, alice in wonderland, almost famous, angels, ani difranco, art, astral projection, autumn, barcelona, being alone, bif naked, black, blackberries, body lotion, books, buffy the vampire slayer, butterflies, candles, cherries, cherry trees, clothes, clouds, colette, computers, cruel intentions, dancing barefoot, dangerous angels, daria, dexter, dogs, drawing, dreams, drinking, england, explodingdog, eyelashes, fairies, fiona apple, fireflies, flip flops, francesca lia block, friends, friendship, garbage, girlville, glitter, goo goo dolls, good fortune, grey's anatomy, h&m, harry potter, heartbeats, hearts, heroes, himym, i stand, ice-cream, iced tea, idina menzel, incense, ink, ipod, iris, jane from daria, jessie j, joni mitchell, juliana hatfield, julie andrews, kristin chenoweth, kt tunstall, lavender, leona naess, lip gloss, lisa miskovsky, liz phair, london, long gone before daylight, lyrics, mary poppins, missgirl, mona lisa smile, moon, music, my girl, nika, nina persson, no doubt, one tree hill, out of body experience, patti smith, peace, piano, pictures, pink, pj harvey, placebo, poetry, poppies, pout, prose, purple, pushing daisies, rainbows, raspberries, reading, rent, rilo kiley, ringo starr, sandie shaw, sarah dessen, sarah mclachlan, sarah michelle gellar, scarlet's walk, scissor sisters, sheryl crow, shirley manson, skulls, spice girls, stars, strawberries, summer, sun, super extra gravity, sylvia plath, tarot, tegan and sara, the beatles, the beekeeper, the bell jar, the cardigans, the hanged man, tori amos, traveling, travis, upside down, veronica mars, version 2.0, violet & claire, violets, virginia woolf, wicca, wicked, will & grace, wine, wings, wishes,


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